Booster Club Committee Information

Below is a summary of the various committees that our booster club has to put together all of the background administrative tasks for a smooth football season for the players.

Committee Chair Roles
** Most committees have a notebook to pass down **

(each committee will take volunteers as needed to assist the chair)

• Team coordinator: communicating with families at the individual grade levels about events and team needs; collect picture money and pass out pictures; general organization/planning for the grade level; organize the putting together of the placemats
• Bear Wear: ordering and selling Bear Wear merchandise at events and varsity games. Help sell Gridirons when they are out. (Lead: Mika Markham,
• Bear Crew: Transport and set up the Bear at all Varsity games; order the smoke bombs used at players enter the field. (Lead: Mando Limon,
• Banquet: plan the senior and end of year banquet; arrange for food; create seating chart (Lead: Samia Ali,
• Bus Coordinator: Schedule the C-Team and JV busses for the year (Lead: Tania Armenta,
• Community Service: Liaison between community organizations (like Saranam) and the team (Lead: Annie Sanchez,
• Team Dinner Coordinator: supervise all team dinners to make sure they run smoothly; this person doesn’t have to bring food to all dinners, but they have to attend all dinners (Lead: Samia Ali,
• Golf Tournament: Plan, organize, and implement the yearly golf tournament; contact sponsors from previous years; arrange with the golf course the scheduling of the event; order golf gifts; run the event the day of; this person is in charge of keeping track of sponsors (Lead: Tania Armenta,
• Ball Drop: Order ball drop tickets; organize the distribution of tickets to all players and the collection of all money (Lead: Sherri McDowell,
• Grid Iron: Collect pictures and put them in magazine form using a template; this is a time sensitive committee head (Lead: Elissa Dixon,; Co-Chair: Jenn Cherry,
• Homecoming Game Decorations: decorate the stadium before the game; make posters (Lead: Sherri McDowell,
• Lift-a-Thon: Create donation forms; plan the lift-a-thon event; collect and keep track of money (Lead: Danielle Silva,
• Pep Rally: Organize and plan event; contact vendors, order necessary food, set up/ take down, contact YAFL coaches, make sure Bear is set up (Lead: Mando Limon,
• Photo Buttons: Make photo buttons for homecoming pep rally (Lead: Samia Ali,
• Player Handbook: Help Coach with the set-up of this (Lead: Matt Crowell,
• Team Poster: set up (using a template) the team poster early in the season; arrange for a team picture and a senior picture; edit/ double check info on poster; include all/ arrange to have poster advertisements on it (Lead: Sherri McDowell,
• Senior Appreciation/ Senior Night: Plan for senior night; get flowers, arrange for senior scripts; decorations (Lead: Debbie Posa,
• Spirit Leader: Make posters for games (Lead: Sherri McDowell,
• White Out Shirts: work with golf tournament/ Bear Wear to design and order Bear wear shirts (Lead: Heather Crowell,
• Youth Camp: Plan and implement the youth summer camp; take registrations and organize with the coaches the dates/activities (Lead: Matt Crowell,
• Form Builder: Create registration sheet; organize registrations over the course of the year; help organize the registration sheet for the golf tournament (Lead: Cezanne Back,
• Website: general upkeep of the website. (Lead: Matt Crowell,
• Photography: take pictures on the field during each level of games; upload photos to Shutterfly (Lead: Sara Limon,
• Chain Gang Coordinator: organize chain gang volunteers and staff chain gang needs at each level. (Lead: NEEDED for 2022!)
• Social Media Director: Leads social media engagement and maintains team accounts on instagram, twitter, and facebook (Lead: Ana Hernandez,